Kay McCarty

ABOVE & BEYOND SERVICE! We were going back and forth between a duplex and a single family home for our daughter to rent from us. I have several friends that are realtors so choosing ONE wasn’t really what I wanted to do. I put the word out on Facebook that we were looking. I figured if someone I knew had a property listed I would let them show me the property. They all knew I was doing it that way and were happy to how me listings that they had. BUT Josh decided to look forpossible places to buy for ME—which was great because I didn’t really have the time to keep looking for what was newly listed or what might work. When we were on duplexes he lined up several for us and we looked at them all on the same day. Perfect for us since we are so busy at work! THEN we decided on a single family home and decided to spend a little more. We let Josh know about our change in plans just like everyone else we’d worked with—we just posted it via Facebook. JOSH noticed we’d switched up what we were looking for and he set out to see what he could find for us. Again he lined up all the houses for one day. We decided on which one we liked best and made our offer the next day. Our daughter is all moved in and loves her new house. I could have just written ABOVE & BEYOND as my review but thought a few more details for those that were interested was worth my time. After all, Josh saved me lots of time by doing most of the house hunt research for us! Thanks again for making this such an easy process.

— Kay Green McCarty